About us

What do we do?

We are an outsource company that makes site visits with our drone and self-developed platform to retrieve water samples in an eco friendly way.

Who we are

We are a small group of New Brunswick students who have taken a sustainability project from our Environmental Science class to new heights in an effort to improve the health and sustainability of our wetlands and other waterbodies.

Why are we the better choice?

Currently, the most common methods for water collection require boats, all-terrain vehicles or people on foot. Multiple issues associated with these methods are eliminated through the use of a drone and our platform:

  • Boats stir up the body of water, emit fumes, may spill contaminants into the water, and can result in cross-contamination when moving the boat from one body of water to another if the boat is not properly sanitized
  • The vehicle used to launch the boat will crush vegetation and emit fumes into the water
  • An all-terrain vehicle emits fumes and damages vegetation which may disturb insect and animal habitats
  • People on foot may have to cut vegetation in order to access the water and will also disturb and may destroy parts of the body of water

Our company, through the use of drones and our unique platform, eliminates all of these risks and negative impacts on the environment.  We are able to retrieve multiple samples in an eco-friendly way with no human interaction with the wetland or body of water.  Equipment is easily and efficiently sanitized to prevent any risk of cross-contamination.

EDWC - the most eco-friendly option!

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